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Are You Frustrated
When attracting new customers?
Are you too busy
Managing your business
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Customer gathering

Are you using every tool at your disposal to attract more customers and increase activity in your business?

I know you're busy

Running your business is a day-to-day challenge.  I can focus on getting more sales, leaving you more time to run your business. 

Hands Free Solution

My goal is to make Your business even more profitable.  You can recharge your batteries whilst I attract new enthusiastic customers.


Increase Customer Activity

In Your Business Today!

Up to 63% more sales, when your products are added to my UK product directory. 

Are You a UK Based Business

If you're based in the UK, I can assist by attracting UK consumers to look at and buy your products. A great advantage for Your company over your competition, I search for potential customers for you.

Do you sell real products

My services can only work with real physical products... Jewellery, electrical, TV's. Appliances, Antiques etc. Sorry buy my services would not help businesses that sell digital products or Downloads.

Do you have a website?

Does your business operate from a website, or do you use other auction or retail sites to make sales ? Great I can help with or without a website by driving potential customers where you want them most.




The online product directory.
I have designed and built the first UK product directory; exclusively for UK businesses.
A unique directory that has a proven track record for successfully connecting potential customers to business products like yours.

If your business sells physical products for example; jewellery, collectable's, clothing, sports equipment, technology etc, you will benefit from adding your products to the UK directory that attracts more potential customers from the lowest possible price point.professionals, that are aimed at bringing success to our clients!

Customer Pay
20,000 Potential Customers
Not 20,000 random shoppers, but consumers who have expressed an interest, and are looking to buy items similar to your stock within 3 months.

"Say hello to valuable potential sales"

.No other directory goes to these lengths to maximise your sales opportunities.
Minimum Inconvenience

I set up your account,  and I add 50, 200 or 500 of your products to my directory.

You can continue to add your own products with no limits or extra fees.

I want your products on sale as fast as possible without disrupting your day-to-day business priorities

Of Course You Have Questions!

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Are You Selling On Popular Websites ?

I can direct all interested potential customers to ANY website you want.

Including eBay, Amazon, Etsy Shopify etc.

My recent  case study below shows that I created 63% extra eBay sales in just 30 days. 

Case Study EisEasy

I was approach by EisEasy to see if my service would increase activity on their eBay store and generate sales.

EisEasy provided 46 of his 194 products already listed on eBay. and they where added to my directory. 

Within 30 days I created sales for 29 of the 46 products and directed potential customers  to view the product inventory

63% of the products listed on my directory were sold in less than 30 days.

Feed Back Dynamics Live Webstore

What if I don't have a current website?

Introducing Your Very Own Webstore

A mini website, created for you and packed with your products.  Your webstore is within the directory and organises your inventory into  categories perfect for shoppers.

Your webstore holds additional pages to promote your services and other information, which is all set up for you. Truly hands free. The webstore is your environment; ONLY your products are visible, I have hidden all similar products from other sellers.


Your Very Own Webstore

Your merchandise is never missed by potential customers and never beaten by the competition 


Lets Crack

Some Numbers

I am the expert with heaps of experience and dedicated to giving you the best results in record time!  Days not Weeks!
My directory is behind the growth of many successful businesses!
Increase Sales Potential

Proven to deliver increased customer activity and sales. 

Connecting Potential Customers

Connecting a minimum of 20,000 potential customer Guaranteed!

Potential Customers

Many of the UK population search the internet for products similar to yours every day. 

A Year working together

I  have retained many loyal customers who have continued to use  my services for more than 5 years, and you can join them.

Where Merchandise Meets The Buyer

A fresh approach that increases customers activity and boosts your product sales potential. A GUARANTEED 'Hands Free' Solution with proven measurable results, that deliver at least 20,000 interested buyers to view your products.

To ensure the minimum of disruption to you and your business. I perform all the setup, configuration and list your products for you... Truly Hands Free!

Placing MORE emphasis on your stock will significantly increase consumer activity for your business. I add your products to my directory quickly and connect would-be customers to the items you have for sale.

My directory goes to great lengths to create sales for you and I also include a PayPal buy now button, so your potential customers can impulse buy straight from the directory.

Reduce the frustration of trying to sell your stock and don't let your stock gather dust on a shelf!

Are you ready.... To introduce your stock to at least 20,000 new potential customers? And the opportunity to grow sales by up to 63%?

I Want To Take Care of This For You Today!

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